What is rfid-perl?

The rfid-perl modules aim to provide a consistent interface to RFID readers, so that code can be written that will work with many types and brands of readers. Part of that goal is making it straightforward to write new drivers.

Currently, we support two readers (Matrics and Alien), and much of the code to support both the readers is factored out into base classes. Each of the driver classes took about a week and 1,000-2,000 lines of code to write and test. We suspect that adding other drivers will take similar amounts of code and time.

We also support creating and parsing EPC tags, according to the specifications from EPCGlobal.

This is currently beta-quality software, but we're using it on a day-to-day basis without problems. It is tested on Linux and Windows, and is written in pure Perl, so it should run anywhere Perl does.


We have written the following Perl modules are available for interfacing Perl with RFID readers:

They are also available via CPAN.

Mailing List

We've set up a mailing list for questions, comments, discussion, and collaboration on these modules. You can subscribe by
sending mail to rfid-perl-request@eecs.umich.edu with the word subscribe in the subject line. The list is unmoderated and is open to anybody.

The list is managed with SmartList, and you can get more information about how to use it by sending mail to rfid-perl-request@eecs.umich.edu with the word help in the subject line.


This software is an outgrowth of the Whereabouts project at the University of Michigan. It was primarily written by Scott Gifford.

It is available under the University of Michigan's standard license.